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The Age Of Intelligent Machines is the title of an artificial intelligence documentary (1987) and book (1990, ISBN 0-262-11121-7 / ISBN 0-262-61079-5) by futurist Ray Kurzweil; this was his first book and it won the Most Outstanding Computer Science Book of 1990 award by the Association of American Publishers. Many guest "A.I. experts" were featured.


  • Prologue: The Second Industrial Revolution
  • Chapter 1: The Roots of Artificial Intelligence
  • Chapter 2: Philosophical Roots
    • A Platonic Dialog on the Nature of Human Thought
    • The Age of Intelligent People
    • A Conversation between a Human Computer and a Materialist Philosopher
    • ELIZA Passes the Turing Test
    • A Coffeehouse Conversation on the Turing Test
  • Chapter 3: Mathematical Roots
  • Chapter 4: The Formula for Intelligence
    • A NOR B--The Basis of Intelligence?
  • Chapter 5: Mechanical Roots
  • Chapter 6: Electronic Roots
  • Chapter 7: The Moving Frontier
  • Chapter 8: The Search for Knowledge
    • An Expert System for Automotive Diagnosis
    • The Significance of Fifth-Generation Computer Systems
    • Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems--AI in the U.K.
  • Chapter 9: The Science of Art
    • A (Kind Of) Turing Test
    • Artificial Intelligence and Musical Composition
    • All Work and No Play Makes HAL a Dull Program
    • The Mechanics of Creativity
  • Chapter 10: Visions
    • Fairy Tales
  • Chapter 11: The Impact On...
    • A Technology of Liberation
  • Chronology
  • Growing Up in the Age of Intelligent Machines: Reconstructions of the Psychological and Reconsiderations of the Human
  • The Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence
  • Can Computers Think?
  • A Personal Postscript
  • Thoughts about Artificial Intelligence
  • Can Machines Think?
  • Knowledge Processing--From File Servers to Knowledge Servers
  • Brother Giorgio's Kangaroo
  • Postscript

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  •, The entire book and video (along with many other related publications by other authors) are freely available on this site.
  • Machines Like Us, Website dealing with machine intelligence, synthetic life, evolution, cognition, and general science.Template:Compu-book-stub

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