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Larry McCaffery is a literary critic, editor, and retired professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University. His work focuses on post-modern literature, science fiction, and contemporary fiction. He is best known for editing Storming the Reality Studio, an anthology featuring the fictional work of authors such as William Gibson, Samuel Delany, Don DeLillo, Kathy Acker, and Harold Jaffe, as well as non-fiction by writers such as Jean Baudrillard and Jacques Derrida.

McCaffery was co-editor in chief of Fiction International from 1986-1998. He is briefly mentioned in Raymond Federman's novel The Twofold Vibration. Dubbed by "avant-prof" critic Lance Olsen as "Guru of the interview", he has published four volumes of interviews with contemporary authors, ranging from Raymond Carver to Barry Hannah to William T. Vollmann and Derek Pell. He has championed the work of many new, young writers such as Ben Marcus, Michael Hemmingson, Mark Z. Danielewski, and Mark Leyner.

He created a theory of media/visual studies about the relation between memory, narrative, and sexuality called Avant-Porn. In 2000, Michael Hemmingson edited an anthology, WTF: The Avant-Porn Anthology (Soft Skull Press) for which McCaffery wrote the introduction.

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  • McCaffery, Larry. The Metafictional Muse. Pittsburgh: Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 1982.
  • _____. Storming the Reality Studio Durham: Duke University Press, 1991 (isbn 9780822311683)
  • _____ and Michael Hemmingson, editors. Expelled from Eden: A William T. Vollmann Reader. NY: Thunder's Mouth Press, 2004.

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