Jamais Cascio is a San Francisco Bay Area-based writer and ethical futurist.

In the 1990s, Cascio worked for the futurist and scenario planning firm Global Business Network. In 2003, he co-founded the popular environmental website Worldchanging, where he was a primary contributor.

At Worldchanging, he covered a broad variety of topics, from energy and climate change to global development, open source, and bio- and nanotechnologies. In early 2006, he left Worldchanging, and now blogs at Open The Future, a title based on his essay, 'The Open Future'.

He currently serves as the Global Futures Strategist for the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, is a Fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and is a Research Affiliate at the Institute for the Future.

Cascio is also known as a speculative futurist, having written two books for the GURPS science fiction role-playing game series "Transhuman Space", Broken Dreams (2002) and Toxic Memes (2003).

Cascio's work could be classified as techno-progressive. He speaks and writes frequently on the use of future studies as a tool for anticipating and managing environmental and technological crises. In 2006, he spoke at the TED conference.

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