George P. Dvorsky (born on May 11, 1970) is an agenda-driven futurist, the executive editor of the Betterhumans online community, and author of the Sentient Developments blog. Dvorsky is a co-founder and president of the Toronto Transhumanist Association, has served on the board of directors for the World Transhumanist Association, and currently serves on the board of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.[1][2] He is currently working as the Director of Operations for Commune Media Inc, a Toronto-based advertising and marketing agency.

Primarily concerned with the ethical and sociological impacts of emerging technologies, specifically, "human enhancement" technologies; Dvorsky seeks to promote open discussion for the purposes of education and foresight. He writes and speaks on a wide range of topics, including technoscience, ethics, existential risks, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and futurology, from a democratic transhumanist perspective.[1][2]

George Dvorsky presented an argument for non-human animal biological uplift at the IEET Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights conference at Stanford University in May 2006;[3][4] and wrote the first published article in defence of the Ashley Treatment in November 2006,[5] and subsequently the only bioethicist cited by Ashley X's parents in their defense.[6]

Dvorsky is an outspoken secular, liberal Buddhist;[7] technogaian environmentalist;[8] ethical vegetarian;[9] and animal rights activist.[10]

Dvorsky claims to have coined the following neologisms:[11]


Betterhumans is an editorial production company and Internet social network service. Betterhumans is a wholly owned publication of Commune Media Inc. and was founded in Toronto, Canada, by media strategist Simon Smith in 2002. Betterhumans is dedicated to the discussion and promotion of futurology and "human enhancement".[1][14][2][4]


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