Douglas Rushkoff (born 18 February 1961) is a New York-based writer, columnist and lecturer on technology, media and popular culture.

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Rushkoff graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University. He moved to Los Angeles and pursued a Master of Fine Arts in Directing from California Institute of the Arts. Later he took up a post-graduate fellowship from the American Film Institute.

He formerly taught at the Esalen InstituteTemplate:Cn. Today, he teaches media theory at New York University's (NYU) Interactive Telecommunications Program. Rushkoff is known for being an active member of the cyberpunk movement and was the online associate of Timothy Leary. His views on cyberculture and the media made him a sought after advisor and consultant with many organizations and companies, including the United Nations Commission on World Culture and the Sony corporation.

He is an advocate for new technologies, especially open source uses of technology. He is also a founding member of Technorealism.[citation needed] This extends to his broader philosophy as the founder of an online community for discussion of Judaism and related issues, called Open Source Judaism. In the book Media Virus, he expounds on various terms such as meta-media and tactical media especially in relation to popular culture media such as television.

In 2003 Rushkoff was keyboard player for a short-term line-up of Psychic TV.

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  • He recently wrote a twenty-two issue comic book series for DC Comics Vertigo imprint entitled Testament with art and cover by Liam Sharp.
  • In addition to Testament, he recently revealed on the Get Illuminated podcast that he is going to be working on another comic series, as well as another non-fiction book under the supervision of John Brockman, which he stated will be "The book!".[citation needed]

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