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Better Angels is a science fiction novel by Howard V. Hendrix first published in 1999.

Plot introductionEdit

Better Angels is a prequel to Hendrix's earlier novesl Lightpath and Standing Wave, filling in history about how the characters in those novels came to be who they are.

Explanation of the novel's titleEdit

"Better angels" is a phrase used by agents of organization Tetragrammatron to described what they hope to make humanity into. Tetragrammatron is concerned with ensuring humanity's survival by creating a machine/human transcendences, turning humans into "better angels".[citation needed]

Release detailsEdit

  • 1999, United States of America, Penguin Putnam Inc. ISBN 0441006523, Pub date 15 October 1999, Hardback
  • 2000, United States of America, Penguin Putnam Inc. ISBN 0441007678, Pub date 7 November 2000, Paperback

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