Antonei B. Csoka, Ph.D. is a biogerontologist at the University of Pittsburgh who works on the molecular biology of aging.


He was a member of the consortium that identified the Lamin A gene as the cause of the accelerated aging disease Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome[1]. He also showed that atypical cases of Progeria can be caused by mutations in the same gene[2], and currently researches the molecular etiology of these disorders. He showed that lamin A is a marker for human embryonic stem cell differentiation[3], which may have application in regenerative medicine, rejuvenation and cloning. In earlier work, he cloned the human hyaluronidase gene family[4].

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Dr. Csoka is a prominent proponent of life extension, cryonics and transhumanism. He is a scientific advisor to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, and Betterhumans, and was featured in the first Immortality Institute film, Exploring Life Extension (2005) produced by Bruce Klein.


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