Template:Autobiography Andy Miah (born 1975) is a Reader in New Media & Bioethics at the University of the West of Scotland, Fellow in the Envisioning the Future program for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and Fellow at FACT, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (RSA). He was formerly a Tutor in the Ethics of Science & Medicine in the Graduate School of Biomedical & Life Sciences, University of Glasgow, Scotland. His research discusses ethical and cultural issues arising from new technologies and is informed by an interest in applied philosophy, technology, and culture. Miah has recently published in The Lancet, the Journal of Medical Ethics, CTHEORY, and Culture Machine. He has also written for leading newspapers, including The Observer and The Times and The Washington Post.

In 2005, he was made a member of the Royal Institution of Great Britain and a fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. He is frequently invited to give lectures on enhancement technology, and also interviews fortnightly for national and international media organisations, a detailed list of which can be found through his personal website. His past appearances include the flagship television news programmes in the UK (BBC, Newsnight), Canada (CBC, The National) and Australia (ABC, The 7:30 Report). He has also appeared on numerous radio programmes, recently Start the Week with Andrew Marr

He is author of and an editorial board member for Genomics, Society & Policy, Health Care Analysis and Studies in Ethics, Law and Technology (BEP).

Indicators of EsteemsEdit

  • (2007-) Marquis Who’s Who in the World, 24th Edition.
  • (2006-) Lifeboat Foundation, Scientific Advisory Board.



  • (with Eassom, S.B.) Sport Technology: History, Philosophy & Policy (2002, Oxford, Elsevier Science).
  • Genetically Modified Athletes: Biomedical Ethics, Gene Doping and Sport (2004, London and New York, Routledge) ISBN 0415-2988-06
    • Translation into Portuguese: Miah,A. (2007) Atletas Geneticamente Modificados. Phorte Publishers, São Paulo [Trans. Andrea Ramirez].
    • Approximately 15 book reviews: Times Higher Education Supplement (2005); The Lancet (2005)
  • The Medicalization of Cyberspace (with Emma Rich, 2008, London and New York, Routledge)
  • Human Futures: Art in an Age of Uncertainty (Liverpool University Press & FACT)

Selected recent refereed Journal ArticlesEdit


  • Miah, A. (2000) Virtually Nothing: Re-evaluating the Significance of Cyberspace, Leisure Studies, 19:3, 211-225 [ISSN: 0261-4367].
  • Miah, A. (2001) Genetic Technologies and Sport: The New Ethical Issue, Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, XXVIII, 32-52 [ISSN: 0094-8705].
  • Miah, A. (2002) Genes, Sports, and Ethics: A Response to Munthe (2000), Research in Philosophy and Technology, Vol.21, 269-289.

Miah, A. (2003) Genetic Modification (GM) in Sport: Legal Implications, Contemporary Issues in Law, Vol.6(3), pp.207-226 [ISSN: 1357-0374].

  • Miah, A. (2003) (e)text: Error…404 Not Found!, or the Disappearance of History, Culture Machine: The E-Issue, 5, [Available from:]
  • Miah, A. (2003) Dead Bodies for the Masses: The British Public Autopsy & the Aftermath, CTHEORY: International Journal of Theory, Technology & Culture, Event-Scene, E119 [Available Online from:].
  • Miah, A. (2004) The Public Autopsy: Somewhere Between Art, Education, and Entertainment, Journal of Medical Ethics, 30, Dec, 576-579.
  • Miah, A. (2005) Genetics, Cyberspace and Bioethics: Why Not a Public Engagement with Ethics? Public Understanding of Science 14(4), 409-421.
  • Miah, A. (with Keyser, B. & Mauron, A.) (2005) Viewpoint: Legalisation of performance-enhancing drugs. The Lancet, Special Supplement on Sport & Medicine, Dec, 366, S21.
  • Miah, A. (2005) From Anti-Doping to a ‘Performance Policy’: Sport Technology, Being Human and Doing Ethics, European Journal of Sport Science, 5(1): 51-57 [ISSN: 1746-1391].
  • Miah, A. (2005) Doping & the Child: Ethics for the Most Vulnerable Group, The Lancet, Sept 10, vol.366, 874-876.
  • Miah, A. (with Rich, E.) (2006) Genetic Tests for Ability? Talent Identification and the Value of an Open Future, Sport, Education & Society, 11(3), 259-273.

Selected national/international newspapers/magazinesEdit

  • (2004, Aug 1). Genetically Modified Athletes in Athens? Bring them on. The Observer. London, p.9.
  • (2004, Aug 13). Why I believe…that genetic modification might be good for sport and society, The Times Higher Education Supplement. London, p.14.
  • (2005, Sept) Genetically Modified Athletes, Science & Public Affairs, Magazine of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • (2005) Is Gene Doping Wrong? Project Syndicate (distribution of 42,800,000)
  • (with Kayser, B. and Mauron, A.) (2006, Jan 17) En termes de sante publique, la guerre antidopage purrait bien etre un non-sens, Le Monde, p.3.
  • (2006, Aug 2) Is sport winning the war on drugs? No., The Guardian, p.7.
  • (with Matthew Syed) (2006, Oct 18) Digital era taking fans closer to action, The Times, p.82.
  • (2007) Gene Doping: Performance Enhancement?, The Biochemist, April.
  • (2008) Enhanced Athletes? It's only Natural, The Washington post, August.

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